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Countries Of The World is a simple travel info website about the countries of the world. It is a website for all ages: young children, students, families, travel lovers, travel bloggers and anyone interested to know the countries of the world.

This website is only for info/reference purpose, a quick and simple pocket travel guide for travel lovers, travel blogging, travel blog and travel bloggers who likes to travel and/or blog about the countries of the world. Here you will find all countries of the world alphabetically, countries by continents, world capitals, flags of the world, world currencies, world time zones, country telephone calling codes, country internet top level domains, world oceans, world continents, world's popular airlines and airports.


There are 50 countries in Asia.


There are 54 countries in Africa.


There are 51 countries in Europe

North America

There are 23 countries and 23 dependend territories in North America.

South America

There are 12 coundtries and 3 dependent territories in South America

Australia & Oceania

There are 14 countries and 12 dependent territories in Oceania.

Largest Countries

Top 100 largest countries in the world.
Russia is the largest country

Smallest Countries

Top 100 smallest countries in the world.
Vatican City is the smallest country

Populas Countries

Top 100 most populas countries in the world.
China is the most populas country

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